Special Pass application in Kenya.

What is Kenya special pass?

A Special Pass in Kenya is an immigration Permit issued to foreign nationals wishing to work in Kenya for a short period of time. It is commonly referred to as a temporary work permit.

A Special Pass permit is issued for a period of 3 months and may in some cased be extended for another 3 months. A special pass is also generally issued where a work permit is pending.

“A Special Pass in Kenya gives legal status to foreign nationals wishing to work for a short period of time, to volunteer or to carry our a consultation in Kenya for a period not more than 3 months”

Application for a Special Pass in Kenya.

  • 1. Copy of certificate of incorporation / registration of the employer company or organization.
  • 2. Copy of the Memorandums or registration documents of the company or organization.
  • 3. PIN certificate of the Company / Organization.
  • 4. Copy of current Passport of the applicant.
  • 5. Passport photo of the applicant.
  • 6. CV of the applicant..
  • 7. Academic qualification certificates of the applicant..
  • 8. Cover letter of the employer or organization.
  • 9. Contact information of both the applicant and the employer. Email addresses, Telephone number, Postal address.
  • 10. Physical address of the company and Residential address of the applicant.

A special pass is processed and issued to qualified applicants upon application.

How to apply for a Special Pass in Kenya

Upon compilation of the requirements. We shall fill out the Special pass application and submit the application for processing, clearance and approval. A special pass application may take anything between 10 days to a month to process.

How much does a special pass cost in Kenya?

To submit an applicationfor a special pass in kenya costs as follows.

  • Submission for application is free.
  • Upon appoval Issuance Fees for a Special Pass is USD 200 per month or part thereof.
  • Prohibited Immigrant or inadmissable persons. Kshs 100,000 per month or part thereof.