Limited Company registration in Uganda.

Uganda is a vibrant business hub in East Africa and is an Investor friendly Country.
At B & I East Africa We provide fast, reliable and credible company registration services in Uganda. We make your incorporation process in Uganda flawless and simple.

How to register a company in Uganda.

At B & I East Africa, we provide you with front to end, reliable company registration services in Uganda. Set out below are the requirements of company incorporation in Uganda

  1. 1. Name Search. Search for a company name from the URSB. It is advisable to select several alternative names in order of priority for search and reservation.
  2. 2.Board resolution to incorporate a company.
  3. 3. Drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  4. 4. Application for registration. - The application forms are then launched with the URSB.
  5. 5. Registration and issuance of certificate of Incorporation.
  6. 6. Apply for a Tin. Tax invoice number from Uganda revenue authority;

Requirements for registering a company Uganda?

  1. Reservation of Name Form.
  2. Form No A1. Statement of Nominal Capital: This sets out the share capital of the company and stamp duty is payable at 0.5% of the share capital of the company.
  3. Form for registration of a Company.
  4. Notice of situation of registered office and postal address of a company. Form 18
  5. Company Form 20. Particulars of Directors and Secretaries of the company.
  6. Form A2. Declaration of Compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act.

Other requirements include

  1. Nature of business and objectives of the company.
  2. Names of the Directors of the company.
  3. Names of the shareholders if different from the directors.
  4. Proposed physical address of the company.
  5. Contact information of the directors and shareholders - Email address, Telephone number, postal address and residential addresses.
  6. Division of shares between the shareholders of the company.
  7. Scans of Passport Bio-data and passport photo of directors and shareholders.
  8. Nominal capital of the company.

Procedure for company registration in Uganda.

To register a company in Uganda the following steps are used.

  1. 1. Name search and reservation by the Registrar of Companies
  2. 2. Drafting and Preparation of memorandum and articles of association of the company.
  3. 3. Execution of the prescribed company application forms, Declaration of Compliance, Statement of Nominal Capital, Notice of Registered Address, Particulars of Directors and Secretary.
  4. 4. Payment of stamp duty (0.5%) on nominal capital and registration fees.
  5. 5. Incorporation of the company

Can a foreigner register a company in Uganda?

Any foreign national can register a company in Uganda. You shall however be required to obtain a TIN for ease of registration and compliance.

How much does it cost to register a company in Uganda?

The basic Cost for a fully compliant company inducing the following

  • Application and registration.
  • Tax TIN registration.
  • Trade License.
  • Bank account
is averagely USD 2,000

“Company registration in Uganda is processed under the umbrella of the URSB .”

We also provide a whole range of post registration services to our clients.

  • Foreign director TIN
  • Company TIN
  • Bank account processing

A TIN is a Tax Identification Number is necessary for individuals and companies to open bank account and other compliance.

How can I check if a company is registered in Uganda?

To carry on an official search for company records in Uganda is done at the URSB registry.

Documents required for registering a company

  • Passport or Alien ID.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Application for registration form.
  • Proof of address document..
  • Scans of Passport Bio-data or National Identity Card of directors and shareholders.