Registration of Trademarks in Kenya

B&I East Africa are certified trademark registration agents in Kenya and Uganda. We assist in the processing and registration of Trademarks and intellectual property in Kenya.

How to register a Trademark in Kenya

At B&I East Africa, we provide you with a reliable trademark registration and support services for your business.

The process involves

  • Name Search - Search of trademark name and logo
  • Execution of application forms.
  • Application for registration.
  • Registration and issuance of Trademark certificate.
  • Requriments for registration of a Trademark

  • Proposed name of Trademark.
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation of applicant.
  • Name and address of contact person.
  • Description of the trademark.
  • Trademark Artwork in soft and hard copy.
  • “Upon submission of the application for Trademark, the application request shall be published in the KIPI journal for three Months and thereafter the application processed.”

    Trademark Registration takes an average of 3 / 4 months..