Foreigners to get work permits in country of origin, not Nairobi

A policy decision was passed where work permit applicants have to apply for permits from thier country of residence and not when alredy in Kenya. This has drawn mixed reactions as we await to see how it unfolds and plays out. Full Article

Work Permit issues in Kenya


MARA raises $23M from Coinbase Ventures and FTX to build Africa’s portal to the crypto economy

Business services Kenya.

Fintech Firm, Bankingly Raises $11 Million for Expansion into New Markets

Financial technology firm which operates in Kenya, Bankingly, has raised $11 million in equity financing as it seeks to expand in Kenya and regional countries

Myth of Money: Africa, The Final Frontier of Crypto

The world’s second-most populous continent is far from a monolith, home to a staggering diversity of cultures, languages, and histories, but the evidence is mounting that Africa as a whole is well-positioned to become a key player in the cryptosphere.